Tinder Pick up Lines

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Damn girl, You shit with that ass?

Are you good at math?

Your wish is my command

Are you into dragons?

I love Cats

Hey, Do you like hang gliding?

I was going to kill myself due to heavy course load at Harvard, but then I saw your pictures

Hey girl, are you my Uncle Gary who lives on a nature preserve and takes mushrooms once a week and talks to insects? Because every time I see you, you give me butterflies.

Hey! Do you know how to send pictures on this thing? I have got a great pictures to send you.

Game of hide the sausage?

So you’re into sexting?

Are you made mostly of sedimentary rock? Because you’re gorge.

Can you help me with this problem? It’s X+U = 25… I think

Tell me, What color the dress is…