Corny Pick up Lines

Trying to flirt someone? Learn these Corny pick up lines to attract them towards you and hit them hard with these lines from our website. You’ll never lose the opportunity again, if you’re backed up with these funny corny pick-up lines. Try some dirty chat up lines and also here are some more for you :

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Did you fall from heaven? Cause your face is pretty messed up.!

If you were a Transformer you’d be OPTIMUS FINE (HOT DAMN)

Are you a interior decorator? Because when i saw you, the entire room became beautiful.

Do you know Karate? Because your Body’s Kickin’ me!

Are you a keyboard? Because you’re just my type.

My friend over there really wants your number so they know where to get a hold of me in the morning.

Do you live in a corn field? Cause I’m stalking you.

Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.