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Pick up Lines
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What a ripoff, this 4K television set doesn’t even come close to displaying the radiantly beauty that comes from you.

All of these new ai robots are making adult robots for sexual pleasure. I need to know if you’re not one of those people who buy those robots and come with me to my bed.

Remember when the kids were in the classroom and your mom came in? She asked them what they were talking about and they said that she wouldn’t know anything about proton acceleration to make a black hole. We should go and put something into your black hole.

What’s the difference between a klout and crush? I’m not developing a klout account for you.

Dang girl, it looks like I need to go and upgrade my internet connection speed because you’re so fast you are out of my league.

I’m having an issue with my computer. It won’t turn on and I’ve tried absolutely everything that the phone operator told me. It looks like I don’t have any adult movies to watch tonight, do you want to come over instead?

Hey I heard that you were looking for a wireless mousepad for your computer. I have just the plug to fit into your sockets if you know what I mean.

There are billions and billions of people in the word, more than anyone can even imagine in their head. When I close my eyes at night all that’s there is you and me.

People in my neighborhood line up for my barbecue meat. There’s another special type of meat I serve and you’re the only one that can have it, do you want a taste?

The cooks in the kitchen made your briskets overcomplicated to make up for the lack of sauce. From what I can see you’ve got all the sauce anyone can want.

You vaguely remind me of my blank canvases I have in my apartment studio. You are quite and I want to draw on you with my paint brush all day.

A lot of people tell me that my hard drive is just what they need. Want to go to the movies and find out what they mean at night?

You want to come over and play video games with me? I need a new person to go to town on, I was getting tired of beating all of those pussies online.

Hey lady, we’re like the new generation of wave. We’re wireless and we still have a connection with each other.

Elon musk is making solar powered houses and self driving cars, but he can’t figure out how to make it to your heart like I can.

Even if Einstein did make all of those theories and science, he still can’t see how beautiful you are.

Can I see what you look like without those glasses? I want to see if you’re like one of those people in the movies where they turn amazingly hot when they don’t have their glasses on.

I love you almost as much as I love myself (not really, but you’re still pretty hot)

I like bricks, you like sand, Why don’t we build a relationship?

If you were boogers, I’d pick you first.

TAXI ka ba? Kasi habang patagal ng patagal NAPAPAMAHAL ako sa iyo e.

I wish i was Adenine, Then I could get paired with u.

Do you like bacoon? Wanna strip?

You’re endor-able!

One night with me? And they’ll be calling you moaning myrtle.